Below are some of the most common questions we receive about our products. If you don't see what you are looking for or would like more information always feel free to contact us HERE or call us a 312-943-5200.

Q: Can I use any spotlight on my vehicle/ I found this spotlight on Ebay/Flea market will it fit my vehicle / Is there any difference between different spotlights?

A: Not all spotlights are created equal. The most obvious difference is normally the lamp type (LED, Halogen, HID, etc), but shafts are different to and that is the key part on whether a spotlight will fit on your vehicle or not. Currently we have 17 standard shaft lengths each designated with a letter code (A, B, CL, DC, F, FL, FP, G, GM, H, MS, N, O, OS, P, PL, and V). Different lengths are needed for different vehicles. We have applications setup that match different installation kits to different shaft lengths based on what our engineers determined to be the best combination of safety and function. Applications can be found HERE. In addition to standard shaft lengths, we also have Custom Fit shaft lengths. These will be spotlights designed to fit a specific vehicle that needs something special beyond the standard spotlight shaft. Specifics vary from light to light, but include changes such as special rotation, bushing sweated into a specific location, OEM wiring, and different lengths.

Q: Why aren't brackets included in the spotlight?

A: Each bracket can be combined with many different spotlights to fit different vehicles. Each spotlight can also function with many different brackets. Because of the amount of different combinations and the amount of requests for just installation kits or just spotlights we sell installation kits and spotlights separately.

Q: How do I find out what spotlights are for my vehicle?

A: By using our application search you can enter the make, model, and year of the vehicle you wish to mount a spotlight on and find out the correct spotlights and installations kits for your vehicle. Application Search can be found HERE.

Q: Do you still sell beacon lights?

A: No, we were no longer able to get suitable motors for our beacons and demand was too low to look for alternatives. We had to discontinue the line. Some beacon parts are still available and occasionally we may have a beacon for sale from distributor stock returns.

Q: Do you still sell SPITFIRE™ beacons or domes?

A: No. We no longer sell beacons (please see question above) and are no longer able to make SPITFIRE™ domes. A special paint was required to make the domes. We no longer have access to the paint that we needed and the line had to be discontinued.

Q: I can't find your LED beacon, how do I order one?

A: We do not make an LED beacon. The beacon is a project from a third party company that makes LED beacons for Michigan State Police. They combine our exterior parts with a Whelen LED insert to maintain the classic look with the function of new LED technology. We do not know what name the company sells the lights under as it is different from the one they purchase parts from us under.

Q: How do I know what bracket I have?

A: Most brackets have a number stamped on the side that would be pressed against the vehicle. The number is usually followed by either a L or a R.

Q: How do I find out what vehicles my bracket fits?

A: We have a database for looking up brackets, that we call our reverse search. By selecting a bracket and a side of a vehicle, you will get the full list of vehicles the bracket fits along with what spotlights to use with the bracket. Reverse Search can be found HERE.

Q: How does my company become a Unity dealer/distributor?

A: You will need to fill out our Distributor Application. Once we have received the application, we will review it and contact you about moving forward. Application can be found HERE or on the bottom navigation bar of our website.

Q: I am in another country, can I purchase your product?

A: Yes, we ship to most countries. Keep in mind we are located in the USA and most of our customers are also located in the USA. As a result our website is directed at USA customers and aspects may be different in other countries. For example in the USA the driver side of most vehicles is the left hand side. This is not the case in all countries and should be kept in mind when reading our applications that state driver side or passenger side.

Q: How do I find a local distributor?

A: We have a distributor search where you can look up distributors based on zip code. When using the search we recommend typing in only the first 3 digits of the zip code. This will show areas around you in case there is not a distributor in your specific zip code. If you cannot find a distributor with 3 digits using only 2 can broaden the search area. Distributor search can be found HERE

Q: If I drill a hole through the post of my vehicle, will that weaken the post? (roof crush)

A: Spotlight installation does not impact integrity of the vehicle. Ford, GM, and Chrysler all install spotlights for police vehicles. If there was any concern they would have made us change spotlight installation. For the main police vehicles, we work with the automotive manufacturers to determine the best installation for the vehicle. A couple of the vehicles used for police applications even come with a hole in the A pillar already setup for a spotlight. The hole aids in drilling and is covered by exterior trim to hide it for those who decide against installing a spotlight. Our official bullitin can be found HERE

Q: How do I change a bulb/lamp?

A: Our lamp replacement instructions can be found HERE