325 Series Sealed Beam Halogen 6" Spotlight (S04)
330V Chrome Spotlight

325 Series Sealed Beam Halogen 6" Spotlight (S04)

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325 Series Sealed Beam Halogen 6" Spotlight Model S04

The 325 Series post-mount style spotlight features a 6" halogen sealed beam lamp; it is rated at 160,000 candlepower, 12 volts, 50 watts and 100 hours of lamp life. The lamp has a glass lens, reflector and filament all sealed together to lock out any outside debris or moisture. The new designer-styled 325 Series feature a head assembly made of high impact ABS available in black or chrome finish.

Model S04 spotlights can be changed to different series by swapping out the existing lamp with on of the following:

325 Series: U-H7635
330 Series: U-7682
335 Series: U-8547

Spotlight Installation Kit:

Installation kits are required to mount a spotlight and include mounting bracket, fasteners, gasket, drill guide, trim pieces, locating template and complete instructions for do-it-yourself installation. Installation kits should only be paired with a spotlight that has the correct shaft for the vehicle. Improper installation kit and spotlight combinations can cause issues with safety and function.

Don't see your vehicle?
We are working on it. We have a ton of vehicle applications and are working to get them all added. Feel free to use the questions section of this product listing to request your vehicle be added to the next wave of additions. We will just need the make, model and year of the vehicle. Absence of a vehicle does not mean it isn't available, just that we haven't gotten around to adding it yet. If vehicle is listed as "Application Unavailable" then we do not have anything for it. You can also search for your vehicle on our main APPLICATION SEARCH


Color of spotlight is only referenced to the head of the light. THe rest of the light and installation kit do not have multiple color options.

W/O Air Curtain: Applications marked as "W/O Air Curtain" should not be used on vehicle that has an air curtain (side air bag in A pillar). Spotlight can interfere with deployment of air curtain. On vehicles listed with this some will have side air curtain, some will not.

Application Unavailable: We were unable to make a spotlight application for this vehicle. There was either an issue with safety, issue with function, or the light just wouldn't be able to fit on the vehicle. 

All options must be selected to generate the correct part number and place an order.

The listing is focused towards the United States market. For customers outside of the USA please not that driver side and passenger side may be different in your country. The listings here relect what is used in the USA. Vehicle makes and models may also be different in other countries.

Spacers: Some vehicles require an additional spacer to get the light to fit correctly. The spacer allows the head of the light to be farther away from the vehicle to aid in clearance from parts of the vehicle that would interfere with normal function of the light.

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