340 Series HID 6" Spotlights (S6)

The 340 series of UNITY HID (High Intensity Discharge) Spotlights can virtually turn night into day for maximum performance and safety. They carry a 5 year warranty, so they shine brighter and last longer. HID spotlights have a whiter, brighter light (higher color temp), which means color rendition is truer and closer to that in natural daylights. The beam pattern is a more clearly defined round spot, allowing higher intensity and maximum range. They provide 340 degrees of horizontal rotation and up to 120 degrees of vertical adjustment so you are able to position the light where you need it. Features 35 watts, 600,000 CP, 5,000 hours lamp life,  and a chrome plated brass housing stamped and plated in our Chicago, IL factory.

Installation kits are sold separately and include mounting bracket, fasteners, gasket, drill guide, trim pieces, locating template and complete instructions for do-it-yourself installation. 

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