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Unity Manufacturing Company was founded in 1918 on the south side of Chicago, IL as a general manufacturer. Over time we evolved into a innovative manufacturer of automotive, truck and emergency vehicle lighting products under single, private ownership of Henry Rew Gross in 1923.

Henry Rew Gross
President 1923-1953

In the mid-1920’s, Unity started production of its line of post-mount spotlights. The company expanded into the manufacture of automotive and heavy-duty truck road lights in the 1930’s. In the late 30s and the 40s Unity's Manufacturing efforts shifted gears in support of the United States' war effort. We produced lights for vehicle on both the land and the sea. During this time our decklight was developed for naval use.

Roll of Honor, for Unity employees that fought in WWII

In the post war era the automotive industry boomed and Unity's spotlights with it. They became standard factory options from American automotive manufacturers. Each company having their own specialized model. In 1953 Louis E Gross took over as president of Unity Manufacturing when Henry Rew Gross passed away suddenly from a heart  attack. Under Louis Gross, Unity saw continued prosperity and a move to a larger 150,000 sq. ft. facility in 1961, on Chicago's north side. Unity was able to expand into the manufacture of emergency lighting products for police, fire, and other emergency vehicles.

Unity Manufacturing 1260 N Clybourn Ave. Chicago IL

1961 to Present

In 1998 Louis Gross stepped down as president and Timothy S Gross took over and is current President of Unity Manufacturing.

Throughout the history of motorized vehicles, Unity has adapted to customer needs and made products that improve the safety of motorists, truckers, off-roaders, police, fire, ambulance, utility, military, farmers, wreckers, snow plows and services vehicles of all kinds during nighttime activities and emergencies.

Today, Unity is the world’s largest manufacturer of post-mount spotlights. The company is also a major OE supplier of both auxiliary and emergency lighting products. Its product range includes post-mount spotlights, roof-mount spotlights, fog lights, driving lights, off-road lights, work lights, hand-held spotlights, deck lights, 360 degree warning lights and custom wire harnesses.

As an aftermarket supplier, Unity maintains a highly trained customer service department, responsive field representatives, and a wide assortment of popular products for on-time shipments.

As an O.E.M. supplier, Unity manufacturers and designs its products in its own factory. Its quality system has been certified as meeting the requirements of IATF 16949:2016 and its environmental management system as meeting ISO 14001:2015. Unity's commitment to protecting our environment is communicated in our Environmental Policy. Unity is committed to not knowingly provide products containing minerals that contribute to conflict in the world as evidenced by its Conflict Minerals Policy.

Unity is committed to conducting its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in compliance with all laws and regulations. Our corporate responsibilities are detailed out in our Anti-Bribery Policy, Employee Standards of Conduct, and our Ethics Escalation Policy.

Unity’s commitment is to produce products that exceed customer expectations, achieve the highest level of quality while offering our customers exceptional value.

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Unity Manufacturing Company is IATF 16949:2016 and ISO14001:2015 certified with TUV Rheinland of North America.