Spotlight Vehicle Application Search - Instructions

  1. Select the YEAR of the vehicle that you would like to install a spotlight on to.
  2. Then select the MAKE of the vehicle.
  3. Then select the MODEL of the vehicle.
  4. Click the SUBMIT button and the available spotlight vehicle application information will display below.
  5. To view a specific application result, just SELECT the part number with your mouse and you will be redirected to that item's keyword search page.
Please Note: Spotlights and Installation Kits are sold separately. Installation kits are required to mount the spotlight to the vehicle. The Installation Kits include the mounting bracket, installation instructions, templates, and other additional items needed to install the spotlight.
FOOTNOTE LINK (Read the footnotes found in model description)

PLEASE NOTE: For black finish housings add suffix -0002 to part no. - (IE: 325V = Chrome  325V-0002 = Black)

Spotlight Shaft Lengths

A. Exposed Shaft: The amount of tubing visible between the head housing and handle housing when the spotlight is assembled.

B. Center to Center: The distance between where the gears mesh in the handle and where the gears mesh in the head when the spotlight is assembled.

Typical Mounting Locations