Unity's "Post Mount Style" Spotlights are vehicle specific. To fit and function properly, the correct combination of spotlight shaft length and installation kit is needed to mount the light. Just below is a search for finding correct shaft length and installation kit for your vehicle. By entering the year, make and model of your vehicle; the search will provide links to all available spotlights of the correct shaft length and installation kits for driver and passenger side Further down are links to different standard letter code shaft lengths and to the list of custom fit shaft lengths. Some vehicles require specially designed shafts that have been manufactured specifically for that vehicle. Those can be found in the Custom Fit Shaft section.

  • DC Shaft DC Shaft
    10 1/2" Exposed Shaft and 16" Center to Center
  • F Shaft F Shaft
    15 5/8" Exposed Shaft and 20 1/2" Center to Center
  • FL Shaft FL Shaft
    17" Exposed Shaft and 22 1/2" Center to Center
  • FP Shaft FP Shaft
    17 5/8" Exposed Shaft and 23 1/8" Center to Center
  • G Shaft G Shaft
    14" Exposed Shaft and 19 1/2" Center to Center
  • GM Shaft GM Shaft
    9" Exposed Shaft and 14 1/2" Center to Center
  • N Shaft N Shaft
    4 1/4" Exposed Shaft and 9 1/8" Center to Center
  • O Shaft O Shaft
    8" Exposed Shaft and 13 1/2" Center to Center
  • OS Shaft OS Shaft
    21 1/8" Exposed Shaft and 26" Center to Center
  • P Shaft P Shaft
    12 5/8" Exposed Shaft and 18 1/8" Center to Center
  • PL Shaft PL Shaft
    12" Exposed Shaft and 17 1/2" Center to Center
  • V Shaft V Shaft
    7 1/2" Exposed Shaft and 13" Center to Center
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