Spotlight Parts Search
Almost all spotlights can be broken down into 3 different assemblies:
  1. Head Assembly
  2. Shaft and Headpost Assembly
  3. Handle Assembly
If you wish to find the correct part for your spotlight, first select the correct Sub-Category

If you are not sure which Spotlight Series you have, please use the chart listed below as a reference.

Spotlight Sub-Categories

Head Assembly
Head Assembly
Shaft and Headpost Assembly
Shaft & Headpost Assembly
Handle Assembly
Handle Assembly

Spotlight Reference Chart
3406" Round HIDCall UnityShaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyCall Unity
X3356" Round LEDCall UnityShaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyCall Unity
W3356" Round LEDS04Shaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-P46SLC
3356" Round LEDS04Shaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-8547
3306" Round H3 HalogenS04Shaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-7682
3256" Round HallogenS04Shaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-H7635
2844" x 6" Halogen260-290Shaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-H9405
2505" Round HalogenH1Shaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-H7604
2505" Round IncandescentH1 with HoleShaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-4405
2256' Round HalogenS6Shaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-H7635
2256" Round IncandescentS6 with HoleShaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-4435
1256" Round 6 voltS6 with HoleShaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-4535
505" Round 6 voltH1 with HoleShaft AssmblyHandle AssmblyU-4515