Reverse Spotlight Application Search Instructions

Use this search if you know the INSTALLATION KIT NUMBER and want a list of vehicles that the installation kit is used on. Otherwise to search for part numbers needed to install a spotlight on a specific vehicle, us the APPLICATION SEARCH.

  1. Select the INSTALLATION KIT NUMBER in either field (or both) to display a list of vehicles that the bracket was used on. Some kits have been used on either left or right side of a vehicle.
  2. Click the Submit Query button and the available spotlight application information will display below.
  3. To view a specific application result, just SELECT that part number with your mouse and you will be redirected to that items keyword search page.
NOTE: If you have a casting marked 27L, it was sold as INSTALLATION KIT NUMBER 27 and if you have a casting 27R it was sold as INSTALLATION KIT NUMBER 27RH. This is the most common nomenclature but there are a few exceptions. For example; 233L is sold as installation kit 5556, while 233R is sold as 5557. If you are uncertain, (for instance if nothing is desplayed) CONTACT US with the number on the bracket using the CONTACT US tab at the top of the page and we can let you know the correct INSTALLATION KIT NUMBER.

Reverse Search

FOOTNOTE LINK (Read the footnotes found in model description)

PLEASE NOTE: For black finish housings add suffix -0002 to part no. - (IE: 325V = Chrome  325V-0002 = Black)

Spotlight Shaft Lengths

A. Exposed Shaft: The amount of tubing visible between the head housing and handle housing when the spotlight is assembled.

B. Center to Center: The distance between where the gears mesh in the handle and where the gears mesh in the head when the spotlight is assembled.

Typical Mounting Locations